Cone Beam Imaging

Cone Beam Imaging: What is it?

Let’s start with the cone beam. Cone beam imaging is a significant breakthrough in the field of dentistry. It will dramatically improve the process we use for identifying and treating a wide variety of dental issues.

At its core, the cone beam allows us to see a 3D picture of your mouth, teeth, jaw, etc. as opposed to a traditional two-dimensional view that is common with traditional x-rays.

Cone beam scans are similar to CAT scans except they use a cone-shaped beam that is directed at a detector and rotated around the patient (source)

When a cone beam is combined with our computer software, we are able to see a detailed, 3-D view enabling us to better diagnose and create appropriate treatment protocols for a wide variety of dental and orthodontic issues.

At the end of the day, the primary benefit to both our dentists and patients is that more detailed, accurate images can be captured, which in turn, leads to more accurate diagnoses and successful treatment plans.

We cannot express enough how important it is to see your dentist regularly.

Remember, preventing disease is always better than treating disease.