Why is Dental Technology so Important?

We all know how technology is constantly changing the entire world around us. If you’re over the age of 30, you can probably remember going to the “video store” and renting a movie.

Kids these days?

They don’t even know what Blockbuster, Movie Gallery, and other similar stores were! Today, they can watch movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. within seconds.

(As a side note...remember actually rewinding movies? Those were the days!)

While these sorts of technology advancements shape our lives, the last few years have also seen an incredible advancement in a wide variety of dental technologies.

These technologies enable dentists and dental teams to better care for their patients. Whether it’s detecting cavities early, screening for signs of oral cancer, or making cosmetic restorations a more straightforward process, we’re using them to help patients every day.

Today, we would like to share with you a few dental technologies that we use at Longleaf Dental here in Albany, GA, and how they are helping you (and patients just like you) receive better dental care on a daily basis.

Digital X-rays

Many patients (especially parents of young children) are extremely concerned about exposure to radiation. While this is certainly a valid concern, x-rays are essential to ensuring that we can detect certain issues early, and provide a more accurate treatment protocol.

The solution?

Digital x-rays! These special types of x-rays drastically reduce radiation exposure, while providing all of the same benefits. It’s a big reason to choose Longleaf Dental as your dental practice of choice in the Albany area.

Laser Cavity Detection (Diagnodent and CariVu)

Did you know that even highly trained dentists and dental hygienists can’t always detect cavities with the naked eye? It’s true!

This is why at Longleaf Dental we’ve invested in laser cavity detection technologies like Diagnodent and CariVu. The way laser cavity detection works is actually quite fascinating, and it’s all based around fluorescence or transillumination.

In a nutshell, we shine a laser through your teeth to see the amount of fluorescence in each tooth. Healthy teeth have very little fluorescence, while unhealthy teeth will exhibit fluorescence.

You can learn more about laser cavity detection with Diagnodent and CariVu by visiting the two pages below:

Cone Beam Imaging

Traditional x-rays are actually very limited in what they can do, which is why we use cone beam imaging so that our dentists can get a true, 3D panoramic view of what is going on inside your mouth.

When combined with our sophisticated computer software, we are able to essentially “map out” your entire mouth, which enables us to provide a more accurate diagnosis and treatment for any issues you are facing.

Intraoral Imaging

You can think of intraoral imaging as a tiny mouth camera because that is exactly what it is! This tiny camera takes digital photographs of your teeth and gums, which enables you (and our dental team) to see details and certain angles that cannot be seen otherwise.

More accurate imaging means better care.

CEREC Technology

CEREC is a very exciting dental technology that has come to Longleaf Dental, and will forever change the way we do cosmetic and restorative dental work.

In the past, a dental lab always had to be involved in cosmetic and/or restorative dentistry. This is because we could only tell them what to make, but we couldn’t actually craft these restorations ourselves.

With CEREC, we are now able to use computer-guided technology to take 3D impressions that build perfect veneers, crowns, and more to give you your dream smile; no dental lab required. This means better, faster service.

If you would like to learn more about how CEREC works, visit our page below:


Ready to See How “High Tech” Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile and Oral Health?

I hope we’ve put any skepticism you had about high tech dentistry to rest. The reality is that these technologies are used to provide better, faster, safer, and higher quality care and results for our patients.

We believe that if dental technologies are available that help us to better serve our patients and we aren’t using them, that would be a disservice to all of you!

Our entire team at Longleaf Dental wants you to know that we are committed to being one of the premier dental practices in South Georgia. Utilizing the latest technology to improve patient care and enhance treatment outcomes is an essential part of that.

If you are in or around the Albany, GA area and are looking for a dental practice that has “big city technology” with a hometown feel, you’ll love the friendly team at Longleaf Dental. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment or consultation.

To learn more about each technology mentioned, click the link below: