Veneers in a Day with CEREC Technology

Have you ever heard someone say, “Good things take time?” Often this statement holds true. Many personal accomplishments take months or years to achieve: writing a popular novel, training for and running a marathon, enduring nine months of pregnancy, or working towards a career promotion.

However, we at Longleaf Dental realize that waiting can be hard and unpleasant, so we’ve found a way to deliver results in one day. That’s right, a perfect smile by the time you walk out of the office.

Porcelain veneers allow you to give your smile a complete makeover, and now with CEREC technology, we can provide you with veneers in a single visit.

Are you intrigued?

Below we’ll explain a bit more about what veneers are, how they’re applied, and how the CEREC technology makes their application simpler and faster than ever before.

What are Veneers?

A veneer is a thin layer of ceramic porcelain; each is about the thickness of a contact lens. The veneer is placed on the front of a tooth, covering up any imperfections and revealing a perfectly shaped and colored tooth. Each veneer is crafted to match the size and look of the rest of your teeth.

Despite being thin, once bonded to the front of your teeth, veneers become very strong and will last for years to come. Depending on your needs, veneers can be applied to a single tooth, or a group of teeth. Usually veneers are only applied to your upper teeth since these are more visible when you smile.

The result? Your smile will look like you always wanted!

How can Veneers Improve my Smile?

Veneer application can solve several common problems for patients. Do you struggle with any of the following?
● Misshapen teeth
● Chipped or broken teeth
● Worn down teeth
● Stained teeth that won’t get better with whitening or bleaching
● Large gaps in between your teeth

If so, veneers could be right for you.

It should be noted that veneers are perfect for improving minor cosmetic issues, but they cannot solve issues like tooth decay or cavities. Veneers are a cosmetic fix, but cost much less than dental implants, braces, or other more invasive procedures that fix health and cosmetic issues.

Since each veneer is custom-made to fit the look and feel of your smile, we can design teeth that look the way you want. The goal is to have a smile that looks so natural, no one can recognize you have veneers…perhaps not even you.

How are Veneers Applied?

Veneers are typically applied through a two-step process. Once you and your dentist have discussed your goals for your smile and what you want the veneers to look like, the preparation step begins. During preparation, a tiny layer of enamel, about ½ millimeter, is scraped off the front of your tooth.

Removing the enamel is done to make room for your veneer and, because of this, veneer application is irreversible. We cannot remove the veneer and leave the tooth exposed. But don’t worry, patients love their veneers so much that requests for removal are quite rare!

Once the enamel has been removed, an impression is taken of your mouth and sent to the lab so that the veneers can be crafted to fit your teeth.

In years past, this step in the process would take 2-3 weeks, but as you will see in a moment, CEREC technology is now used to accomplish this in a single day.

Once your veneers are crafted, your dentist will then apply the veneer (or veneers) to the front of your tooth (or teeth). Once bonded, a tight seal is created and your veneer is very strong and sturdy. You can now enjoy your new smile!

How CEREC Technology Works

Here at Longleaf Dental, we take advantage of a CEREC machine. This technology replaces the need to send impressions to an external lab to await your veneers. With CEREC, we take a digital impression of your teeth and this formulates a computer-based reconstruction model. The machine uses the digital information to craft your veneers quickly in the office.

CEREC technology has revolutionized dental treatment by ensuring that your veneers can be applied in a single appointment, and our patients love it. Because of the precise and accurate nature of digitally guided veneers, you know you’ll have a great fit, and the veneers will perfectly match the color and look you’re after.

Are Veneers Right for You?

If you’ve been thinking about giving your smile a makeover, then the time is now! Take advantage of CEREC technology and improve your smile by contacting us here at Longleaf Dental.

With our convenient location in Albany, Georgia, three experienced and skilled dentists, friendly atmosphere, and advanced technology, you know you’ll be in good hands.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with CEREC technology, your smile can be.


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