Cone Beam Imaging & CEREC: Two New Technologies at Longleaf Dental

Dental technology is expanding and improving by leaps and bounds every year. At Longleaf Dental, we pride ourselves on investing in these new technologies in order to continually provide top-quality care to our patients.

Recently, we invested in both cone beam imaging technology and CEREC. While these two technologies perform different functions, they both enable us to provide a superior level of care to both new and existing patients.

Today, we want to share a little information with you regarding these two new technologies, along with how they will help yourself, a family member, or a friend receive top-notch dental care from Longleaf Dental.

Cone Beam Imaging: What is it?

Let’s start with the cone beam. Cone beam imaging is a significant breakthrough in the field of dentistry. It will dramatically improve the process we use for identifying and treating a wide variety of dental issues.

At its core, the cone beam allows us to see a 3D picture of your mouth, teeth, jaw, etc. as opposed to a traditional two-dimensional view that is common with traditional x-rays.

Cone beam scans are similar to CAT scans except they use a cone-shaped beam that is directed at a detector and rotated around the patient (source:

When a cone beam is combined with our computer software, we are able to see a detailed, 3-D view enabling us to better diagnose and create appropriate treatment protocols for a wide variety of dental and orthodontic issues.

At the end of the day, the primary benefit to both our dentists and patients is that more detailed, accurate images can be captured, which in turn, leads to more accurate diagnoses and successful treatment plans.

CEREC Technology: How it Works

In the past, just about any type of dental work required a “lab step” throughout the process of getting veneers, crowns, bridges, etc. because they had to be manufactured by a third-party dental lab.

Obviously, this meant that treatments required multiple visits, which wasn’t ideal, but was the acceptable norm.

That’s no longer the case.

Longleaf Dental has invested in a CEREC machine, which enables us to provide same-day dental restorations. It also eliminates outdated dental materials, such as gold or amalgam silver fillings.

With CEREC, our dentists take a digital impression of your teeth, which formulates a computer-based reconstruction, including the actual delivery of the finishing product (milling) all on the same day.

CEREC technology has revolutionized dental treatment by ensuring that your dental restoration can be done in a single appointment, making patients at Longleaf Dental very happy!

Longleaf Dental: Keeping You Updated with the Latest Technology

For us it isn’t about owning the latest technology. The real goal is to use all of the resources available in the market today so we can provide a better experience for our patients.

When we upgrade our technology, patients can feel confident that our passionate dental team genuinely cares about their health and well-being.

Whether you’re an existing patient or you’re just browsing and looking for a new dentist in the Albany, GA area, give our office a call to ask about our new technology. Schedule your appointment today!