Are Digital X-Rays Safer for You and Your Family?

There’s no doubt about it; x-rays are an important component of diagnosing and treating a wide variety of oral health issues.

The problem?

Many patients are hesitant to have their teeth x-rayed due to the growing concern over radiation exposure. Even patients who don’t mind traditional film x-rays themselves certainly don’t want their young children getting them.

So what’s the solution? How can you and your family get all of the benefits x-rays have to offer, without exposing yourself to radiation?

Digital x-rays are the answer

At Longleaf Dental, patient safety is one of the most critical components of successful dentistry. We do not want to do anything that isn’t good for you or your family. Regarding x-rays, we feel that traditional film x-rays have gone the way of the dinosaur or the dodo bird in the field of dentistry.

We only use the latest, most advanced techniques that will give our patients the best experiences and results. In this case, that means using digital x-rays, which use 80-90% less radiation and are safer for your family and our Longleaf Dental team.

The benefits of digital dental x-rays

There are a wide variety of benefits regarding the use of digital x-rays vs film x-rays (link here: Here are a few of them:

Digital x-rays help show our dentists areas of the jaw and mouth that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This means that we can catch problems earlier, thus keeping you and your family healthier while hopefully reducing your treatment costs.

Since digital x-rays are stored electronically and not on film, they are more cost-effective for both our patients and the team members at Longleaf Dental.

Digital x-rays allow us to capture higher quality images. Instead of looking at poor-quality images on film, we can instantly enlarge digital x-rays on our high-resolution screens for better viewing.

Digital x-rays are extremely fast. This means you don’t have to wait on them to develop; they show up on our screens almost instantly.

Since everything is digital, we no longer have to worry about hazardous waste disposal like we used to do with film x-rays.

While they are indeed safer, there are many other reasons to visit a dental office that takes advantage of digital x-ray technology!

What specific types of digital x-rays do we use?

In order for our dentists to get the best view and subsequent diagnosis, it’s important that we have the ability to take a variety of different digital x-rays. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Panoramic x-ray: As the name suggests, this type of digital x-ray shows the entire jaw area and all of the teeth. This is a great type of x-ray to get an overall baseline on the health and functionality of someone’s teeth and jaw area.

Bitewings: These types of x-rays are incredibly useful in helping our dentists detect hard to see cavities that are located between back teeth.

Periapicals: This type of x-ray is most useful for taking pictures of tooth roots on the front and back teeth.

Based on your unique situation (every patient is different), our dentists may use just one, or a combination of all of the types of x-rays above.

(Source: The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging link here:

Looking for a dentist that uses a safer alternative to traditional film x-rays?

We understand that you don’t want to go to a dental practice that doesn’t have your safety as one of their primary concerns. If you are in or around the Albany, GA area and are looking for a dental practice that uses the safest, most-advanced dental technology available (including digital x-rays), then give our office a call today!

Remember, you don’t have to settle for traditional, outdated film x-rays when we offer the latest digital x-ray technology. Call us today to schedule your appointment.